Organizations questions

I have a personal account and I have a new team member.

Option-1. If I want to add another user to a private project I think that means that user cannot be on a free account.

Option-2. If I make an organisation with 2 seats and I want to add a user to one of the organization’s private projects, then presumably that user also cannot be on a free account.

Have I understood correctly?

Option-1 looks quite a lot cheaper. With Option-2, other than a lot more storage for the projects in the organization account, are there any more benefits, for a 2 person team?

  1. That’s correct. You both will need to have a Personal Plan
  2. If you have an ORG account with seats, when a user is added to a private project that is owned by the ORG, they will use a seat regardless of what plan they are on (even free).