OrbitCamera tutorial not working on mobile

Hi guys,
can anybody help me out here?

I used this example to setup my new project in playcanvas:


The issue is, even though it contains a touch input library, it doesnt work for me on mobile (specifically, iOs).
Can you lend me a hand?

Thank you,

Hmm… Looks like the touch-input script isn’t attached to the camera. If you attach that script to the camera, it should work.

The tutorial is also using the same code as the Model Viewer Starter Kit when you create a new project.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I attached the script to the camera, still no success


Doesn’t trigger anything in the console either…

Ok, looks like I was able to solve it.

Apparently, the Playcanvas loader was blocking the CSS in the original file, blocking the input.

Thank you!