Optimizing Project for Mobile & Web Separately? [WORKFLOW]

Hi there! We have a quick question regarding how to deliver a project both in web and mobile.

We see we can optimize textures specifically for each type of OS (PC, Android & iOS) but naturally having all optimized textures bundled together for an easier distribution maskes the file size larger.

Are we able to build the project using all the availaible compressed textures and then get rid of the unnecesary ones for each platform-build and deploy 3 different projects with smaller file sizes and just the optimized textures each type of OS needs? Do we need to fork the project 2 times and get the compressed textures for the targeted platform each?

What would be the best workflow to deliver the most VRam optimized projects for each platform? A tool that lets you generate optimized builds for each target platform would be a valuable even premium add-on.

Thanks in advance for your time to answer and the development of such a great platform Have a great dat!

You don’t need to remove the other variants of the texture asset as the engine will only request the variant that is supported by the device the user is running on.

You will host all variants on the server but the user’s device will only download the one that is supported.

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