Open Source PlayCanvas Designer?

I need a very simplified version of PlayCanvas Designer that allows my technicians to import 3d, tweak the 3d and export as a uv map. The goal is to apply this UV map to a video that then can be projected on complex physical objects with a filter and proper warp, rotate and scale for curvature. Is the interface and code for PlayCanvas Designer on the GIT repo? If so what is the best way to post jobs seeking JS developers?


The Designer is not open-source, the github repo contains the runtime JS engine.

It’s not exactly clear what you’re looking for. The PlayCanvas Designer is used to build scenes out of 3D models, modify materials, script behaviour. It isn’t used to modify or create UV maps.

Do you have an example of what you’re trying to create?

see Import 3D Asset without servers

If you are really great at javascript you may be able to write a userscript and extend the designer front end, but all model changes would not be saved since you’d need to re-upload the model with the changed Geometry/UV map. So, you’d need some export functionality too. Your web client has all the data for the model/uv map in order to display it, so it doesn’t sound impossible.

For example, I wrote a very simple script to increase the zoom rate when you hold shift here:

You need tampermonkey or a similar extension to get that to work. Writing a 3d modeler and uv editor in javascript sounds like quite a bit of work.

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Ok this was very helpful in determining that this may not be the tools I’m looking for. Your response was extremely helpful and I spent a good amount of time reading it. Hopefully putting close to the amount of energy you did writing it. What a great community!

It seems like this may not be the answer I am looking for. My app needs to have modeling tools to allow Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, Perspective and Warp. Then I export a 2d model (with certain areas mapped) that can serve as a Filter (UVMap) on a projected video (or actually process the video). If you look up Projection Mapping you can see what the end product needs to do. Since we need to automate this process we need the code to do some light modeling.

I’m not allowed to upload an example because I am a new user.

You might be looking for something like Blender? It’s an free and open-source 3D modelling tool. Similar to Autodesk Maya and 3D Studio Max. It’s a pretty full-on application, but can definitely handle modelling and UV Map creation.