Open div from material onclick

Hi i want to create a div text element that pops up when i click on a certain material, anybody got an idea ?



“Material” means very specific thing in game development context.
Could you please explain a little that? Because now It doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway, to make popup I would suggest to use 2D screen and image element inside. You can easily adjust it for your purpose.

Check out these to get you started:

yes sorry, i have made a point that consists of an small cilinder functioning as kind of a stick, and a star that is supposed to bring up a screen that shows information about the for example kitchen it is made of, now i am trying to bring up a screen with text when people click on the star.

Is it star a 2D element or 3D?

it is a 3d object like this

Then you have to use raycast, just like Will said.

oke i will try

were you able to pop an HTML div element on click of it?