Number of Meshes questions


Can someone help me shine a light on mesh instances on imported FBX please. Look at this model for example:

One mesh in Cinema4d, with 6 materials (of where 2 are the same), assigned to different groups of polygons via selections.


Lands in Playcanvas like this on json-level:


Has 6 materials, which I re-assigned to global versions of these material, so that they can be shared on other machines aswell and still be the same material.

How come it registers as 6 meshes/6 mesh instance, and what’s 2 nodes?



I think 6 meshes correspond to triangles with 6 materials you assigned in Cinema4D
MeshInstance is just a wrapper for the mesh which assigns material to it … so that is not additional mesh.

I’m not sure about the nodes … do you have any nodes (hierarchy entities) in Cinema4D?


Ok, so whenever I assign more than 1 material it will split into 1 mesh per material assignment then?

No, only 1 object in the “root” in Cinema4D. Perhaps a parent wrapper is added somewhere so it ends up as 2 nodes as a minimum?

Correct. Each material means separate render calls - most engines store this as separate meshes or sub-meshes or something like that.

In Blender if I create two separate graph nodes for geometry that uses the same material, as expected, I would end up with two mesh instances in Playcanvas.