NOT to uglify __game-scripts.js

Hi guys, is there a way to keep the __game-scripts.js file concatenated but NOT uglify it? When I check off the [Concatenate Scripts] checkbox I lost the __game-scripts.js but when I enable it the file gets compressed into an uglified one.

I’m afraid not, no. What’s the reason for not uglifying it?

If committing to source is the reason, then I would look at either the REST API to archive the project

Or playcanvas-sync which does something similar but

Thanks!. I was trying to explain it but it would take a wall of text plus I might have to disclose some of the project’s info to provide you a context.

In the past I put “setTimeOut(() => {}, 1)” to the beginning of each file and the engine would stop uglifying it. (I found that line from some of the other thread here). But as of last morning it stopped working.
I will try your solutions and post a feedback.

Yeah, we fixed a bug that stopped ES6 JS from being minified recently.