[NOT SOLVED][CLOSED] Collisionstart event is called sometimes

Hello, I’m doing a tennis-like game and I have a ball that’s being thrown from a ball thrower to the racket. All fine here, when it reaches the racket it bounces correctly (more or less) but the problem is that even if it bounces, the event of collisionstart isn’t triggered. I have a console.log() function to print whatever it bounces with but sometimes it prints the racket (the net of the racket) sometimes the walls or the floor. It’s weird. The racket has only 4 different positions, all changed by the arrow keys, and it’s not moving the place, but rotating.

Can you show us your project/code so we can take a look?

That’s the project. I’m managing the collision in the ball script.

Actually the ball only has to go from the ball thrower to the racket and from the racket to 4 different points depending on where the racket is facing to. I have thought that tweening the ball might work but it’s a lineal movement, I can’t make it to follow an arc.
The applyimpulse method works fine to throw the ball from the ball thrower to the racket, but I wanted that when the ball reaches the racket, it throws it to any of the 4 crates that I made instead of just letting it bounce.