Not happy about cancellation being immediate

Locking project access I can kind of understand, however I’d suggest being able to download a project and and encourage people to re-sub to edit. Just seems a bit less… ransom~y.

However, I strongly suggest you drop instant cancellation. It’s a whole lot of dickery I just don’t want to deal with. Every other monthly subscription service I’ve interacted with remains active till the end of the paid-for-month, except for playcanvas it seems.

If you cancel the Service before the end of your current paid up month, your cancellation will take effect immediately

Sure, I’ll come back just before my monthly date is up and cancel then, but you’re not doing the brand any favors making my final interactions so needlessly petty. And if I miss the date by a day or two, I’m always going to feel like you’ve robbed me. It just seems so unnecessary. I’d have thought these features would have been implemented with a “win them back” lense instead of the “skin them before they leave” lense.

Strange way to do business.