Not getting Create Preload Bundles option while downloading build


I am creating a build of my project and downloading it from Playcanvas but i am not getting an option to create preload bundles in my account where as this option is getting in the same project in other account. Can you please help to resolve it. Looking forward.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Noor and welcome,

That’s quite interesting, I can see that option on my account.

@yaustar any idea why this varies per account?

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Preload Bundles is a Snapchat only feature for Minis which is discontinuing

It is behind a feature flag on a per user basis.

If you need this, please send me your PlayCanvas username

Hi @yaustar

Yes i need this, my username is “noorfatima” on playcanvas.

Added, refresh the Editor and you should see it now

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@yaustar Thank you so much. Can you please add my colleague too, his username is “dev002”.


Great, Thank you so much.
I have checked my account and i am getting that option now. :+1: