Noob question : appropriate for a website?

Hi All, i just learned about Playcanvas and eager to start using it… I was just wondering, for my first project, rather than a game, I thought I’d try making my website. much simpler.

Are there any red flags? any reason not to?

I tried to load the tutorials on my android phone (note 3) and they worked perfectly (the lay out was a bit weird but the 3d canvas was just fine, that’s fine by me)… so That shows me Playcanvas is good for older mobile as well as modern desktop browsers. I’m eager to hear what you have to say. thanks in advance.

ps: i am currently developing interactive projects and vr in unity.

Hi, this is just my opinion and i can be wrong, You can use playcanvas and the only issue i can imagine is with the search engines. I explain myself better, engines usually search how often your pages are updated, how many pages added to increase the position of a website, so the only problem can be the ranking on search engines, coz when you update your playcanvas you don’t update the html page itself. But as i told i can be wrong, wait to hear from other opinions.

Regarding search engines - it is down to having static html content, that is parseable by search engines.
If you don’t care about that too much, then you can create website or part of it using playcanvas.

You can do hybrid solution where you still have html and classic website with large 3d stuff interacting with UI well.
That way you have and search engines and 3d website.

Make sure you making it responsive, today that is must-must for a website.

Thanks gents… i don’t care much about search engines… just compatibility across devices/browsers. So far, all your tutorials have run great across my few devices. Thanks for the responses.

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hi, a new question related to this… can I link to external files on the web? say a URL for another web page or a mailto: url, or a link to a pdf?

and if I wanted to create a mail form, any pointers to where I might start looking? thanks.

Yes you can using dom elements