Noob in search of experienced coder (will still do work, just can't code) for rhythm based fighter

I’m new to the site and coding in general so I was wondering if someone was willing to help. Basically, I’m making a mobile game (I only have chrome so this is my only option), basically you select the color that is shown of the screen (in the form of a word in the middle of the shape displayed, also a selection bar is on the side of the screen, I admittedly need help with that too, haha I’m a total noob), and draw the shape, to attack, and if you time it with the music (certain points like bass drops) you make your opponent unable to attack for a second or two. Then if you get either the shape or color wrong you can’t attack for a few seconds. If you get it right another combination of colors and shapes appear allowing you to attack again. Then the goal is just to deplete the opponent’s health. I would also need help with making cpu’s because the game would need time to get downloaded in order to have human opponents. I would of course also need help figuring out how to match different players. Overall I’d really just be making the music because for now I can barely code. The art is very basic and I have someone on top of that. If the game generates money I’m willing to pay you a third of it. Sorry if the description is horrible.

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Hi @Midnight_Fallen_Duck and welcome!

Even if you aren’t coding or learning to code you can still do many things in the Playcanvas editor: setup a scene, arrange models and effects, add sounds and music.

That you way you can start walking your concept to something tangible and attract people that may get inspired by it to help you out.

Best of luck!

It’s not really much of a bad description. Welcome, I’ve been coding using PlayCanvas for 2 years. I know most of the features this engine provides, and some I still have to master. I can help you if you give me more of an understanding of this game somewhere else. Maybe in a google doc? If you’re interested in collaborating, just PM me. If you don’t know how to do that, just reply here that you’re interested, and I’ll create a PM discussion.

Yep, I’m interested in collaborating.

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