Newly created scripts not visible

When you create a script as an asset (right-click assets area → new asset → script) then the newly-created script is sometimes not visible / findable by search in the assets browser until a refresh of the client.

[edit]: just had this happen one time, then not the next. Perhaps this is down to having recently refreshed or not.

This is most likely not related to script assets in particular but any asset. Sometimes there are connectivity issues with the server responsible for sending real time updates and things start to look weird. We will improve this but for now I’d say if you start noticing weirdness just refresh the page and it should fix any connectivity issues. It’s worth opening up the browser console as well to check for any errors or warnings.

Yep, it’s always solved by a refresh (in my experience), I just wanted to flag it as it’d caused confusion a few times (where for instance I would think “oh, it didn’t work!” and create a second asset, then realise it wasn’t showing either).

All good, I’ll be sure to refresh as a workaround. Thanks!