Newest PlayCanvas Version is slower/doesnt work in Safari (bug)

Hey everyone/developers,

I have been using PlayCanvas for around a month now and everything has been pretty smooth. My builds worked in all of my browsers and on iOS. However, in the last couple of weeks, my newest builds have not been working on my Mac’s Safari (but they do work in Chrome). Either all of the textures will be black or the game will be very slow. I even created a whole new project to try and see if it was user error, but the blank, new projects do the same thing only in Safari. I have noticed, interestingly, that even the blank projects get this error in the Safari Web Inspector:

WebGL: INVALID_ENUM: texParameter: invalid parameter name.

Can anyone help me fix this, or can the developers please try and fix this bug this soon?

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I don’t have a Mac available right now to test on, but if this is a generic issue it is a big issue.

Could you post your osx version and also your safari browser version? It’s better to submit this issue directly on the engine repository for the developers to check on.

Also if you can go to on safari and paste that report as well.

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