New to Playcanvas with a Mmorgp project

Hello, i’m totally new to this, so my knowledge of canvas is zero.
Anyway i have some experience with php/mysql and with 3ds max, i have done some model for a Glest mod you can see something here
I have worked for a long time on my project in 2d isometric graphic and i have learn that being alone lead nowhere. You can see the project here
My idea is to make a collaborative rpg (u can call it mmorpg if u like but i don’t like any mmorpg that i have seen so far), i explain what i have in mind in a schematic way
specific abilities to develop (fishing, play music, smithing, hunting, put traps, disarm traps, stealth)
5 magic schools (earth, air, fire, water, energy)
cleric abilities specific for any god adept (cleric of god of fire different from cleric of god of nature, etc)
different combat skills for every class
specific items to end quest or enter dungeons branch (keys for doors, rope for cliffs, etc)
and of course a party system
Quest system
I know it’s a lot of work but since i saw also some annuncement of professional game maker maye it can became reality.
Of course we can use a shop to sell powerful items and get some money as in many games.
Ok i stop here…now you can say that i’m crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with your new project! We’re here to help so don’t hesitate to post questions on or anything else you want here.

Go ahead! I’m sure it’s possible, with patience and determination!

You can also make a Websocket server using PHP instead of Node.JS if you prefer, using a library like or

thanx a lot i will take a look at that so i can use the archives i have built so far
i just have to spend some time to figure how to make playcanvas intereact with php pages…i saw in the past that the canvas where the 3d is played can be sized to a portion of the page…is that right?
Anyway i have set some step for the project
making a 3d world map to use for world travel…
making towns for buy, sell, get quests, and training
area maps for dungeon, and random encounters
inventory page for equip the character
(not necessary in this order) lol