New to Coding : Bingo Machine

Hi PlayCanvas,

I’m planning on creating a Bingo Machine as a starter to introduce myself to coding and how PlayCanvas works in general, but unfortunately, I only have the hat of a designer, and not a developer, so I might need a bit of assistance!

So i’ll create the machine in 3D and all I want to happen is that balls fall out of a hole in the machine, and rolls out onto a tray and those are your numbers!

I’ve been told by someone else that I can create all the bingo balls through code and assign them all a number through code. (So if I had 59 bingo balls in the machine, then that’s 59 assigned numbers) Otherwise I would of created 59 sphere models and it might make the hierarchy too busy and cluttered!

Is there any way to create like… some sort of GUI / HUD where if the number lands on the tray, then you’ll see a graphic with your number on it on the screen?

This may seem like a big ask, but help will be fully appreciated!! Also apologies if this is in the wrong topic!

Many thanks,
Richard Curtis