New function suggestion

Hi, I have used your company’s PlayCanvas engine to business for a while.

I have some suggestion that may help your engine can be better, because I used to use Unity, so we take that for example.

  1. The Inspector lock button
    In Unity they have a lock button on top of Inspector, when I use that, the info I select for inspector won’t change when I click something in Scene or on Hierarchy by accident.
  2. Each Component Info in Inspector can be fold
    Yes, reference is also from Unity Inspector, too.
  3. Each Component Copy Paste Function
    When I need just one component info to paste to other objects, I need to key in every value for many times. Maybe you can Implement a function let us right click for copy single component, and right click to other Objects to paste all values in component we copied, that will save us a lot of time.
  4. A Hot Key to fold all code in script
    This one we take Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for example, in VS. we can use “Ctrl + M” + ”Ctrl + O” to fold all code in script, it very convenient to see what we need to see in script. Now, we need to click each one to fold code, waste lot of time.

Hope I can see these functions very soon, it will save me a lot of times.



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