New FB PlayCanvas Game - Deal Me In CrossCards

Here’s a game that has just been released, that uses PlayCanvas.



Whoah, nice. Great job, @Mal_Duffin!

Hi @Mal_Duffin It would be very helpful if you share the way to take a game from Playcavas to Facebook. I have tried to do it from downloading my project to uploading a new version to Facebook (including Facebook API to index.html) but I have not succeeded. :frowning: Thank you, your game looks great.

Cheers Will.

One quick note, the forums seem to change “” into “”, which launches correctly on desktop but not on mobile. Maybe switch off the auto-editing / changing of the URL?

@Luis_Mb I’ve been doing it in a very hacky way, I was hoping that PlayCanvas might have added an option by now that automated the process, or at least documented some way of doing it.

I’ll try to integrate my next FB PlayCanvas game in a way that is less hacky, and will try to keep track of what I’m doing and post so that others can use that info ( at least until PlayCanvas post more official support or docs ).

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I just released a major update to the game…