Need recommendation for artist setup

I have tested out PlayCanvas for a while with various pre made artwork for different artists. However, import function has issues with all files i try to import, as they all loose textures.

Since we are starting on a quite large project here, and can invest in the right software, I would like to hear recommendations.

Our artists will recieve complex CAD files, we need to make them simpler (LOD) and the export them a file format that imports perfectly into Playcanvas.

Any recommendations for software and setup?

What file type are you importing? Bear in mind that textures have to uploaded separately and assigned to the materials that are generated by the model import.

Not a great workflow though.

You may want to look at GLTF importer here which does get around some of these issues at the expense of not being able to see it in the editor:

I have tried various FBX and OBJ file formats. For instance some I bought from CGTrader.

They loose not only textures but also materials have to be done all over again.

The FBX I have testet both binary versions as well as & Aascii. Looks to me like the materials aren’t properly defined out from 3DStudio.

So far we use FBX and have to setup the textures in Play Canvas, would be nice to have features like Unreal for assigning the materials, but since the textures and model get uploaded separately, it’s a bit tough to do I imagine

I’ve imported FBX models without issues… Some from Adobe’s Mixamo. Check out their free model service and see what they do in their FBX files that works with keeping textures?

Just throwing this out there, I have no idea how to fix this otherwise. PlayCanvas does seem to have nasty habits of losing textures though :rofl:

You can embedded textures in the FBX files, we don’t for various reasons, I am guessing that’s what Miximo is doing.

Yes. I suppose so. Well if you don’t embed the textures, then maybe you texture separately, and then import the material after the model? I have had one of my co-workers completely redo a material only to realize that he could’ve stolen the material in Blender and exported it itself, then added it in PlayCanvas.

I’m not sure I grasp why PlayCanvas doesn’t import materials well though… Tell me if I’m way off, I have no trust in my answers (lol)

I am so used to setting them up manually I can’t comment to be honest :slight_smile: We can’t really embed with our workflow, too many textures that are swapping in and out on every model.

Right. So what about the importing them separately from Blender, so you have your material file and model file available to import into PlayCanvas, right? (Not necessarily the texture)

Not sure about Blender, you’d have to try it I guess

Do you guys not use Blender? I’m sure any other 3D CAD software would have similar features?

3DS Max can export FBX files with textures embedded, that’s all we use, can’t comment on anything else.

So you use FBX files that have textures embedded, but you don’t use them for various reasons?

I’m not sure I understand what your problem is anymore. What exactly is happening?

No worries, was commenting on the original thread