Need Help On Lots Of Things

(1) How Do I Convert An Unity Project/Game Into Playcanvas?
(2) How Do I Create A Grapple Hook (Its Kinda Weird In Javascript)
(3) How Do I Make An Enemy That’ll Attack You If You’re In Proximity
(4) How Do I Make An Inventory Machanic (Something Simular To Fortnite And
(5) How Do I Make A Working Gun That’ll Shoot A Grapple On One Key And Shoot A Regular Bullet

Please Answer All Of These With A Clear Statement So I Can Get A Better Understanding
Please And Thank You!

Hi @FoilEsports and welcome! Your questions are not easy to answer. Have you already searched on the forum for similar questions?

You will have to do this completely manually.

If you are talking about the physical function, you can use a raycast for this.

You can check the distance between the player and the enemy.

There are some topics on the forum and a sample project that could help you.

You can check for a key press to change the function of your gun.

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Really Quick, I Need A Jump Machanic And An Slide Machanic For My Game I’m Working On.

Also, I Need Some Boxy Gun Models, Any websites That I Could get those On?
And Lastly, I Need Some Code To Make A Working Grappling Hook, Shooting Code, And An AI/Enemy Code So That It Will Shoot At You When You are At A Curtai Proximity
OK OK LAST ONE, I Need A Working Build Machanic Similar To 1v1. lol And Fortnite.

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Hi @FoilEsports,

I don’t think you will find ready made code for all that it are asking.

You can start by checking the developer portal for learning material on how to get started writing it yourself: