Need help on accurate material and shading

Hello everyone, currently we are working on a Samsonite Cosmolite product showcase. There are very few types of shading available in the material tab. Can we import materials from any other platform or download mats? We need the accurate poly carbonate material that looks real. Increasing glossiness is making the specular creepy… Please help…

What texture maps are you using at the moment (Ambient Occlusion, Glossiness, Normals etc?)

This line should help you (placed in any script’s initialize function): = null;

This will enable our Android reflection behaviour, which, in this case, is much more stable (and will work everywhere). Our graphics lead, @Mr_F, will investigate ways how to fix our default PC behavior as well.

There will still be some aliasing left, but the only remedy for it is just not to combine high-frequency normal detail with high glossiness. Lower glossiness values shimmer less.

You can’t import materials from other platforms, no (although you can import maps, of course). You need to use the PlayCanvas material editor to achieve the visuals you want.

Thanks for replying. We tried the script in initialize function. It did not change anything. Sharing a link here. Please help us solving the issue…

Project is private.

Yes, please make it public if you’d like us to take a look.

It is public now.

Try another snippet:

pc.shaderChunks.specularAaToksvigPS = pc.shaderChunks.specularAaToksvigFloatPS = pc.shaderChunks.specularAaNonePS;

With Mr_F’s change, it does look a lot better:

On a side note, your textures are HUGE (4K and 8K).