Need help making an online game

Hi @Leonidas I fixed the error but it still does nothing.

If you wanna take a quick glance at my code it’s linked HERE

I’ve launched your project and got the following error:

Check the following thread on how to resolve that on glitch:

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Hey @Leonidas how do you whitelist a link?

What do you mean you just have to copy the website or comments like here
An example: This is weird i need help

I’m refering to this post

Dec '20

Hi @Karl47,

You need to whitelist the domain name on your project, or use a cors extension on your browser while developing as @agent178 said.

@Leonidas @Gabriel_Dobrzynski the weird thing is I didn’t have to do that with the other game.

Weird, Im not sure.

@Gabriel_Dobrzynski What do you mean?

that is the weird thing

@Gabriel_Dobrzynski Yes because it’s weird because it’s the same code for this one i have to do a whole bunch of extra stuff but with the original it just worked

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@leonidas nothing is working and I can’t seem to get that same error I really need help

HERE is the glitch code
HERE is the playcanvas code

Hi @WilliamBoersma31,

Take a look at the multiplayer example project, @yaustar recently updated the code and it works quite ok:


Finally, It works :smiley:

@Leonidas it didn’t work for me but I don’t understand why the original code works HERE but not HERE

The server code is different between the two

Your original is using v2!/bg-william-co-2?path=package.json%3A15%3A4


Your new project is using v3


And therefore needs CORS to be setup properly on Glitch as shown in the Multiplayer tutorial

Which was mentioned in an earlier reply here: This is weird i need help

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@yaustar I fixed it and it still didn’t work.

As you have installed the v3 package already, it won’t revert to a v2 package as it’s older. Get rid of the ^ to force it to install v2.

@yaustar when I loaded up the scene I had the what the other what the other player is supposed to be on my waist.

@yaustar Instead of using the other player’s pos it is using mine.
do you know how I could fix this?