Need help game making

So, whoever helps me I’ll give some of the profit from my game which is a survival game called poly survival 2 link is here: (no pay for now) but once it is finished then you will get paid.
I need a

Requirements coder has to be skilled and has to have learned for at least two months

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I have a city model that I made and now I want to make this a game called brave mercy which is an online multiplayer game in a low poly city. here is a screenshot

Hello, I need an animator and some coders along with a musician can you help The game is a fan-based game like krunker or mini royal and I, 've got the designing down but not so much with anything else. If you would like to collab here is my discord link: also no pay until the game is released)

I could help you with music but I do not have discord
in playcanvas i am deductedflame24 owner of Araza Studios

Hello I know you we are partners for the ultimate car sim.
thank you my name is savage_pixels and my project name is multiplayer

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