Need help for audio files to play when the game loads?

Hi All, I am attaching an audio file(.mp3) in my PlayCanvas game. My audio file should be played when I load the game for that I have enabled the Auto Play option from Slot.

The problem that I am getting is the audio file was not playing if I use the Auto Play option when I load the game. If I tap anywhere on the screen the audio is played successfully.

Can anyone please help me to resolve my problem so that the audio should be played when I load the game without tapping anywhere on the screen?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Akhil-Bhaskar,

That behavior is expected, it’s a default browser behavior. Audio playback should start as a result of a user interaction.

Common practices involve a Start button which the player presses to play the game/start the experience, and as a consequence the audio can start playing.