Need A Programmer To Make A Blue Hedgehogs Physics

Yo Im making a game on play canvas and i was seeing if anyone can try to replicate Sonic The hedgehog physics’s from his 3D Games Or Others FanGames

Some of Sonic Abilities
I Need The Model To Gain Speed and changing animation while going into a different set of speed

Something to change the model into a jumpball animation and a jump script
the jumping will depend on how long you press the jump button
Let me know if anyone intersted probably need more than i programmer

i will probably add more to this thread later

I Need A Javascripter to help me make a game for this
I Need a jump script and the asset to change animations while gaining speed

i also need a script for a read set go once the level start it will say ready the model goes into the animation segment then blast off to the running animation once go is on screen

Merged the two topics together.

Well I’m working on a sonic fangame that resembles the 2d sonic games from the genesis.

what do you have so far

I got some scenes done, like the title screen, the settings, and the about page. I’m still trying to get the physics to work correctly. Sonic can currently live around and jump. You might be able to get him through the loop as well.

Do you know how to make Sonic’s 3d physics from unity to javascript

I mean, I don’t know. I’ve used unity before, but I might be if I can understand the scripts.

ill add you to the project

let me know if you get stuck if you decide to mess around with it