My only fear with using PlayCanvas

I know that this is going to sound silly (and I’m saying this because I’m new to PlayCanvas), but my only fear with using PlayCanvas is I’m worried that I might put in a lot of hard work to make a game, and suddenly PlayCanvas disappears from the web and all of my time and energy towards making my game would be waisted, I wouldn’t be able to see my files anymore, etc. Plus, it doesn’t seem like there is a way that I could export my game and keep a copy of my game (and it’s code and assets) for myself; especially in case the owners of PlayCanvas suddenly does want to take PlayCanvas off the web. Other than that, I love the idea of Web GL game development. It makes it so that I don’t have to carry my laptop everywhere when I want to make a game.

Yeah again, I know that this sounds silly, but this COULD happen. Thus, what are your thoughts about this?


If you are on the free plan, yes that is a concern and backing up the project ‘as is’ is doable but not straightforward.

On the Personal and Organisation Plans, you can export a publish/build for self hosting which will contain all the files of your project (if you untick ‘Concatenate Files’, it will also keep all the source files separate as well).

The PlayCanvas engine is also open source so that should live on even if the PlayCanvas platform (editor and project hosting) goes down for whatever reason (touch wood).

This doesn’t sound silly to me. I had the same thoughts for a while.
But as yauster already said it’s possible to download at least all files.
(But you can’t download all your effort put into Playcanvas to make your scene work)

But nervertheless I like working online on all my devices with Playcanvas.
It’s fun.:heart_eyes:

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