My first .io style game

My game’s first beta version is now out. The game has a fully functional UI along with servers, if you would like to play the game please go to the link: If you have any comments/ideas about my game just say so. If you would like to help ask as well.

I still cannot open your projects due to Ammo assets missing. This issue is probably caused because you created your game with Engine-only and later ported it to a online project but forgot to import Ammo.


How to import Ammo

To import Ammo into your Editor project, simply go into your project’s settings and click “IMPORT AMMO”.


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I obviously know how to import ammo, and it is not missing, so just ignore the error.

That’s the thing. I can’t open the project at all…

I can open the project without the error @RPaladin. There is probably a problem with Ammo not loading correctly. I’ve also seen this in the editor and you experienced it yourself in another project.

Sorry for asking questions again in a thread that’s not mine but to confirm: this is a PlayCnavas bug?

The PlayCanvas team is investigating this problem.

Seems like a network problem, works fine for me

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