My Editor looks dark after setting up lightmaps

I have set up a scene. Everything looks fine. I set the lightmaps and everything. But when I reload the page everything goes black. Can somebody help me fix this problem? I’m attaching images of how the scene was looking before and now.

Hi @umer and welcome! For safety I removed your link, because you can add images directly in your post.

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are there any errors reported in the browser’s console perhaps?

This “black” environment issue usually happens to me whenever I only have environment lighting enabled (or disabled) and 0 scene lamps.

I tried loading simple model. This one looks fine when i add lightmap in lightmap slot. But after reloading the window it looks like this. It says the UV1 is missing. But it’s not missing in material slot.

When The lightmaps option is not checked. This is how it looks

Would you be able to share a project that reproduces the issue please?

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