My camera is messed and player and idk what to do

I accidentally deleted my player along with the camera and im sure i copied everything but it’s so messed here’s the link need urgent help i just added new animations need to see if they work PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @Ehsaan_Khan! Your RaycastEndPoint entity is not on the correct position. Check the example project for the right position.

So, i put it at 4.43 which is the correct position but now the camera just zooms all the way out but if i remove the 4.43 number it goes fine other than the animations being a big buggy i copied everything from the cameras postion the camera axis position but it still zooms out. Even if i remove the numbers it’s buggy aswell and if i add them it messes up too soooo im confused

Maybe you can ask @agent178 about this, because he was working on the project.

Sewbak fixed the camera problem somehow but now the animation is still messed is there anything you can do for that?. I already tried removing them and adding them again

How? I’m curious.

i’ll ask

so the raycastendpoint was a child of “camera” but it wasn’t meant to be

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There’s a problem with the animations. @yaustar can you fix it or something because it’s the same for the third person tutorial.