Multiple selection duplication \ Folder duplication

Feature Request

Would it be possible to add the ability to duplicate a folder or multiple selections?

Mike K

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What purpose would having duplicates of entire folders in a single project serve? I can understand wanting to use the contents of the folder in another project, but why not just download the folder and re-upload to the new project?

To make my life a lot easier :slight_smile:

To make A / B variations of the contents of said folder, say 30 materials for 30 fridges in our project, making an alternate version of those materials that use the same base setup but with another diffuse map for instance.

Instead of having to press CTRL D 30 times and drag one by one since the names are too long and Play Canvas doesn’t show them so you need to drag 30 times.

This is all in the same project

We don’t make games, we do large commercial projects with hundreds of assets

Ah, okay. Didn’t think about it that way.

Bigger workflows bigger needs

Which reminds me of another request