Multiplayer socket io server upload

I created a project using PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine for my multiplayer connection and got it working and i replicated the server code from glitch and used it , but the problem I’m facing is that it does not work on some countries like Italy or maybe other too , I’m not sure is it because of glitch or socket io so I decided to host the server on AWS but there are so many services and I tried many services to host it on but I dont think I’m doing it the right way or is there any one who can help me with that or guide me a bit , or is there any other way to create a room for multiplayer without using socket io and which can work in any country.

did you define io in playcanvas? also do you get any errors?

@WilliamBoersma31 yes its working fine in Pakistan the multiplayer and all connections are working fine but in Italy it gets stuck on connecting screen