Multiplayer player interactions help

I need help making the ability for one player to do something like destroy a ground tile and the others can see that happen.

Right now when one player destroys something only the player that destroyed can see that it is destroyed witch causes some players to fly.

I also need a way for one player to teleport another and the other player know and be teleported.

Hi @WilliamBoersma31,

This is likely happening due to the fact that you are not sending and/or receiving the data from one player to another, in this case whether the entity is destroyed, or the players positions during the teleport. How are you handling the multiplayer layer? What framework are you using?


@DevilZ Right now I am using node and hosted on a glitch server.
and the sending and receiving part i what I need help with.

I need the same thing to, for an FPS game.

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Please send your server code so we can have a look @WilliamBoersma31.

yes, that would be goooddd

@DevilZ here you go

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Just had a look @WilliamBoersma31, you seem to only be emitting the players’ positions, and I see no code for emitting the state of an entity(whether it is destroyed or not). My suggestion would be to study the code for emitting the player position carefully, and write a similar function for the entity state.