Multiplayer issues with my game

I hate to bring up the topic again but it seems to be that when I applied the embed to the “Root” alongside the “Networking” script, It had seemed that the multiplayer was disabled. I was wondering if I could maybe apply the embed to a 2d/3d screen V.S. the root, If possible, would that work?

Altho i am not getting any actual errors. Very weird.

Ok, multiplayer isnt working because I think something in the script I can show you in our editor, then go to launch.

So it’s come to my attention that the multiplayer doesn’t work because I am not hosting my own server. I am simply using the tutorial server. Therefore I think I need my own server so I can have it up without the issue. Any suggestions?

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Ok. Sorry.

If you are looking for a straight up replacement, I’ve found to be faster than Glitch.

Thanks. Ill try that.

Yikes. Sorry but this is blocked on my laptop.

@yaustar Which one of these am i supposed to hit to make a node server (this is

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@Dylan_McDorman hello-express is the one you need. But i doubt that it will work. So as @yaustar suggested go for heroku
Though I am trying to work around it myself.