Multiplayer : Glitch alternatives?

Hello, i try to find a glitch alternative, i found but i don’t know how to make a server template, i’ve made a server.js on stackblitz but it got useless files and it start at index.js.

Also with the Glitch server i got alot of lag.

ps: You can try my app here :

I think the Glitch servers are in the US only so there could be latency due to that? Have you looked at hosting your own Node.JS server/app with AWS or similar?

Hi, i’m trying to stay away from GAFA and people who support BLM terrorists.

Seem like even Nodes.js is supporting it.

Thx for the advice i will look at servers in my area.

In which case, I will make this clear: PlayCanvas is part of Snap Inc. We condem racism and have contributed to organizations that support equality and justice.

Good to know, i hope you will succeed against racism and bring equality and justice to everyone !