Multiplayer game?

Hello guys, im almost done finishing the game I started working on last year, it was also my first play canvas project and the first game as well, thanks for the comunity for help, i learned a lot, really a lot and wanted to say thank you: If anyone was curious about the game here you have a link ( Its mainly created for mobile devices but you can also play on desktop, however the finish GUI is not as beautiful as on the phone: - you could maybe give some feedback hehe :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway thats not the point of the topic, In future im planning to make other game and the feature of it is multiplayer option: its going to be mostly multiplayer, i want 5 players searching for game get connected in one session where there will be 4 survivors and 1 so-called “psycho”, “cannibal”, “killer” - whatever; i just wanted to know if the play canvas is capable of doing such multiplayer, i bet it is going to be hard but what doesnt kill you make you stronger haha! It is not going to be hosted localy but by some strong server which can handle lots of players. The multiplayer system is very similiar to “The Among Us” game, its not going to be very large multiplayer with lots of player in one session, although i want to create many sessions with 5 players. What do you think guys? I was searching a little around play canvas about multiplayer and havent found enough of projects nor tutorials except one the basic.


Hi @smokys,

Nice game, I like the style!

To your question multiplayer in PlayCanvas isn’t much harder than in other game engines, on the contrary I’d say given the plethora of web libraries and services that can help a web app connect to a server/peers it can be easier.

A good starting point on that fact is the multiplayer tutorial and example project:

You can start with that and expand the logic and the tech stack (e.g. with a database) depending on your game needs.


Thank you, im glad to hear that as i want to continue with using PlayCanvas.

Does anybody have good references for making a multiplayer game in js? I ve seen few but curious if somebody has something worth of reading.