Multiplayer FPS

I am working on a low-poly, multiplayer fps, but i need serious help, i can’t figure out how to get a certain part of it to work and need some coding help, if you are interested, comment below.(CODERS, MODELERS, AND/OR ANIMATORS)

Gavin_Durbin I would help

:+1: :smiley:

Can you code?

hey, oofin can i help?

and i can code.

theres alot to do
are you pretty good at it?

bro u kidding me?
i can do alot i know alot about karlson off my brain i can try script animations for kitana or particle effect and i can code

and i can build dark rooms for boss

Cannot Code, But I can do models, Just tell me what type, and I will help you get it. Animations are not possible either for me.


Hello, I am a map designer and I would love to help I am making the same type of game as you.

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Hi, If you are seeing this you should know that I am making an FPS to be safe for school and for anywhere, so anyone can play it, I will make it free to play but with adds between every match and I will split that profit between the developers, If you are interested then PM me or comment below/

@Gavin_Durbin Please don’t create new topics for threads that you have recently created. I’m happy for you to bump this every now and then (eg every week).

You really gotta have alot of patience :smiley: (because as they all say patience is key)

@Gavin_Durbin I will help you

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I am intrested.

I will help

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i could help

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i am a modeler but i’m not experienced in it so i’m not good but i’m interested

srry, i was away, but if you still want to help i would appreciate it