Multiplayer fps not working

I have combined three tutorials to create a scene that has first-player camera, and multiplayer. it is not working together. the camera works and so do the controls but the multiplayer doesn’t. i have tried working through everything a little bit at a time and even have tried copy and pasting if anyone can help that would be appreciated. thank you

The reason your project’s multiplayer code is not working is because you haven’t set it up any networking code yet.

  • You need to setup the client networking script: network.js, with a Script component and also setup the necessary network attributes in the Editor

  • You need to setup server-side code, preferably a Node.js server that works alongside code, which all in turn will need to be hosted on a hosting site, such as the suggested

You will also need to create code to transmit and receive player rotation transform values, similiar to the already implemented getting/setting of player position code.

Official Multiplayer Networking Tutuorial

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