Mozilla and PlayCanvas release 'After the Flood'

We’re really proud to announce our partnership with Mozilla to release ‘After the Flood’. It’s a beautiful graphical showcase powered by WebGL 2.

Read all about it on our blog.

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Incredible what’s possible to do in a web browser today.

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Hello Will!

Are there any plans on releasing “After the flood” as an example project, in the PlayCanvas editor? So that developers can learn from it? It’s a waste of a good demo, if developers can’t use it as documentation. I think it would make a good tutorial for how to achieve cool effects in PlayCanvas, no?


Yes, @aiab_animech, there are indeed! There’s a good reason we have not made it public yet. It is built on a fork of the engine that has not yet been merged into the master repo on Github. If we made it public now, the project would simply fail to run, so it would hinder, rather than help people. Our next task is to properly refactor all of the cool WebGL 2 engine development done by @Mr_F and fold it into the engine properly. Then, we’ll be able to make the project public. Hope that explains things. :slight_smile:

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