Model Rotation and Animation Issue

I recently purchased a character asset from SketchFab. When importing into PlayCanvas I noticed the rotation of the model was off. So I imported this FBX into to fix the rotation, then exported to FBX and re-imported back into PlayCanvas.

I was able to fix the rotation issue of the model, but now when I try to apply the animation of that model it will not playback. I imagine this is an issue with export where some data or node references are being lost.

I’m not asking anyone to troubleshoot but curious if there is a better way for me to address the model rotation issue (*while avoiding this animation issue I am experiencing now) maybe in PlayCanvas or with another 3D Software that is known to work well with PlayCanvas.

If you happen to have experience with and PlayCanvas and know how to fix the issue I am describing that would be awesome too!

Without some more information about the character itself, it would be hard to figure it out.

How was the original character off? If it’s only facing the wrong direction, you could employ a similar “trick” like this one from the Uniti docs:

Blender is free and you could fix the model+animation from there. But if you haven’t used it - beware there may be dragons.
I’m not a fan of Maya LT but it could do the trick in a pinch (heavily depends on the original FBX).

I don’t have any experience with (thanks! It does look interesting) so can’t really help on that side. A glossary search did provide similar results:

Other approaches could be to try with Collada, OBJ or some other format (I would love to see more gltf 2.0 adoption but oh well).

It can become rather convoluted but just give the simplest approaches a shot first before moving to more complex ones.

Ah! Yes, the first thing you mentioned regarding the wrong direction fix seems like a perfect straight forward solution! Geez… I can’t believe I did not think of that haha!

Thank you so much! I will give this a shot soon and report back.