Model hierarchy in PlayCanvas

I’ve been importing various models into PlayCanvas and I’ve yet to see one that has any kind of hierarchy preserved. Even the free animated characters, which obviously have hierarchies in the original file, just appear to be single meshes. Or if there are meshes, you can only color them differently?

I’m don’t need to animate anything based on the hierarchy, I’m just hoping to be able to detect clicks on different parts of my model (it’s a globe with a separate meshes for each country).

Hierarchy should be preserved (but not viewable in the Editor). The children are graph nodes under the model entity. If you are still running into issues, can you provide a project or a build link for us to look at please? :slight_smile:

As a minor point, we are currently working on exposing a model’s full hierarchy in the Editor’s Hierarchy panel - we hope to begin a closed beta for that feature within the next month.