Model give troubles when exported in fbx

Hello, when i export a model with blender it become veeeeeery big size (the model, not the file) and it’s moved below the plane. I have tryed different things but nothing worked. Any blender users have clues? Thanks.

Usually I have the opposite behavior when exporting from Blender -> Playcanvas: I have to scale the model up by 100 units to have it match.

This is something that you need to keep in mind when working in your preferred modelling app, what’s the size of your base unit (cm, mm, inches, abstract sizes etc).

Try searching only on how to setup your Blender scene units and from there you can find the optimal size that matches your Playcanvas scene setup.

Thanks, but as much as i move the object or scale it, when i save it everything goes back as it was before my changes.

Do you use the Export to FBX method to do that? Or just save the .blend scene?

If you keep getting this @ayrin, try to post a sample simple project to take a look at.

i export it to fbx, unluckly i have no more space to make projects but if u want i can send the fbx model to you.

Yes, sure send it, and send together the original .blend file to try playing with scale as you said.

I’ve checked your model, scaling works but since the pivot point of the model is so off-center it makes the model render far away from the zero position, when imported.

Then I’ve moved the model manually and scaled it by 0.01, and it seems to be working in Blender:

But when exporting it from Blender, in the Blender window, after the export dialog closes, the model is scaled/moved back in place (original position/scale).

Not sure why, it may be something with the rig/bones but I don’t experience with that. I’d say try posting on the blender forum/stackexchange you will be able to get better support on this issue there.

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Thanks @Leonidas i was not so sure since i am not used to blender yet, just working on it for few days, anyway i will try to get support from blenders forums. Thanks for the time you have spent checking on it.

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