Mobile WebVR Polyfill issue

Im trying to export for self-hosting then im trying to replace “webvr-polyfill.bad0c71.js” with “webvr-polyfill.js” from
Why? Since the polyfill in playcanvas is outdated and doesnt works and/or works bad on all devices (Android/iOS).

So, i have replaced this file and replaced all path relative to “webvr-polyfill.bad0c71.js” with “webvr-polyfill.js” but when i click on vr button (that calls…) nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong?


Any errors in developer console?

No there are no errors in the console.

Can you explain me what are the steps to update webvr-polyfill?

We have a pull request waiting to merge which allows you to include arbitrary JS frameworks in your page. Once this is merged, we’ll have a look at the modifications that are required to decouple webvr-polyfill.js from the engine (currently there’s a hard dependency).