Mobile view in camera

I have a project that will go on mobile. Now the camera in the game is set for desktop and therefore whatever I work on, I work on the desktop mode, is there a way I can make the camera change to mobile view? because the desktop version of the game doesn’t go well with the mobile. basically the placement of the entities get fucked and things become messy, so this there a way I can preset the camera or the whole project to work for mobile view

Hi @sir_akc,

You can use the browser dev tools to simulate a number of different viewports. For example on Chrome, right click on your active window and select inspect, or press F12 and from that tab you can enable the device toolbar.


thats exactly my solution right now but I think there should be a inbulit feature to change the canvas size to mobile so that you can edit things in mobile view, I think that feature will make playcanvas great

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btw, playcanvas is great

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