Mixed Lights - Lightmap Mode Option

Hey @will … Is there anything like the babylon.js light.lightmapMode

This mode has different mode of operation when using a baked lightmap from that light:

//lightmapMode Consts
     * If every light affecting the material is in this lightmapMode,
     * material.lightmapTexture adds or multiplies
     * (depends on material.useLightmapAsShadowmap)
     * after every other light calculations.
    public static readonly LIGHTMAP_DEFAULT = 0;
     * material.lightmapTexture as only diffuse lighting from this light
     * adds only specular lighting from this light
     * adds dynamic shadows
    public static readonly LIGHTMAP_SPECULAR = 1;
     * material.lightmapTexture as only lighting
     * no light calculation from this light
     * only adds dynamic shadows from this light
    public static readonly LIGHTMAP_SHADOWSONLY = 2;

In babylon.js i use the LIGHTMAP_SPECULAR option when i baked lightmaps with a light from my Unity GLTF Exporter. That way i get picture perfect lighting exported from Unity to GLTF.

Is there such an option for PlayCanvas Lights (Or can you add that option)… This would solved our mixed lighting issue we had before

Let me know what you think :slight_smile: