Missing Mesh Instance

I have a Model Entity that was created from an FBX file. This Entity has 18 mesh instances but I’m only seeing 17 of them. I’m getting Mesh Instances 0 thru 16, but number 17 is not showing up on the list. I’m unable to apply a material to this last Mesh Instance because it is not showing up on the list. If I look at the FBX from which this Model originates, it shows the 18 Materials from which these Mesh Entities originate including the last one whose name corresponds to the portion of the mesh that I cannot apply a surface to. So I have this one element on my Model Entity that sits there with a very annoying bright white appearance because I can’t apply a material to it.

I’m looking for any thoughts on how to get this Mesh Instance to appear in the Editor before I start jumping through hoops re-importing the FBX and so forth.


Have you checked how many instances there are from code (this.entity.model.meshInstances)?

Apart from that, it might be worth sending the model directly to the PlayCanvas team if you think it is a bug with the importer.

No, I haven’t. I assumed that the Editor was doing that when it reports in Meta that there are 18 Mesh Instances. Right now my priority isn’t investigation or curiosity, it is fixing the problem visually. I was hoping that maybe there was something I could do from the Editor to tease that Mesh Instance out of hiding. I’ll probably just create a version of that group of polys that is 101% the size of the original and parent it over the misbehaving Mesh Entity in order to meet my short term problem of not having a bright white object that is visually distracting. After I do that, I’ll re-import the object - probably in a clean, empty project - and do other things to investigate the cause of the problem.

If the PlayCanvas team expresses any interest, I’ll be happy to provide them whatever info or objects that I can. FWIW, I did look at that group of Polys in my modeling app and it only contains 3 point polys and appears to be a perfectly normal mesh group.


Imported FBX into a different scene and all 18 Mesh Instances were found and appear normal. I still have no idea why the same FBX is missing the 18th Mesh Instance on this particular project. I may fork the project tomorrow and try re-importing the FBX just to find out what might be going on. Worked around the problem for now by adding a second object at 102% size to envelop the offending mesh. Not elegant or efficient, but works for now.

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