Mini map cam and fog

Hello, i am trying to make a minimap camera, but the fog is in the way, is there a way to not render the fog in the minimap camera?
EDIT: i noticed if i put the cam as child of player the fog is not shown (but the camera rotate as the player), if i put it not as child doesn’t rotate but show the fog

What ‘fog’ are we talking about?

The fog in game settings

You can toggle fog effect in material’s last spoiler. Switch it off in every HUD material

Sorry i don’t get what you mean

@Disorder I suspect that @ayrin has two cameras in his scene, one that render the game viewpoint fullscreen and the other that render the map, maybe from a ‘birds eye’ view or something. He wants fog in the main viewpoint but not the ‘map’ view. I’m not sure it’s possible to do that, unfortunately. At least, I can’t think of a way. However, it’s rare in a game that you render the whole environment again just for a minimap. Normally, you’d just have a separate, low detail representation of the map. And for that, as @Disorder says, you can disable fog for all materials used in for models used in the HUD camera.

@will yes i use 2 cameras as you say and i don’t need to render the whole scene, if i use the orthographiic camera the fog vanish. Now i will look for some posteffect that allow me to represent just a scratch of the scene.

I have been able to just show the scene from an eagle eye point of view in black and white, but i still don’t get how to show in minimap just scratch of objects or see the player as a dot (and the same with enemies). I would like also to be able to set a fog of war effect in minimap to show just the visited places (but not the priority now). I guess i need to do it with a script but i have no clue how to do it.

I guess you need to convert your geometry into some kind of 2d representation. I could imagine doing that used a grid of raycasts at the start of the level. Then you’d end up with a 2D map onto which you could put enemies etc. You could use this to create a fog of war effect too.