Metadata driven design

Hi all, noob question for ya…

Is it possible to link Playcanvas to a database for scene set up? For instance if I want to develop a game that has two barrels (one red, one green) joined by a yellow ladder I could set up a table called OBJECTS and a table called CONNECTIONS in the database; OBJECTS could have three entries:
OBJ1 green barrel
OBJ2 red barrel
OBJ3 yellow ladder

and CONNECTIONS (something like)
CONN1 OBJ1 OBJ3 (green barrel to yellow ladder)
CONN2 OBJ2 OBJ3 (red barrel to yellow ladder)

I appreciate it is going to be a whole bunch harder than this simplistic scenario, but the question is, in general terms, is this possible?

Thanks all,

Yes, of course.

PlayCanvas applications are applications running in the browser and as such you can create connections to other machines using HTTP requests. You can use this request the data from your database.

When you receive the data, you can build your scene by adding entities in response to the data you have received.

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. That’s really encouraging to hear.

I’m not familiar with the lexicon of Playcanvas and have been searching for phrases like “database driven design”, “scene instantiation”, " metadata driven games" and not really finding the answers I’ve been looking for.

Are there any other particular phrases more relevant to Playcanvas that would be better to search for, or indeed if you knew of any games that took this approach would you be able to share links please.