Mesh in Flames-example

When trying to change the mesh in the Flames example I fail to make it render.

Not working (with mesh):

The model is a simple FBX-plane that looks like a flame (cf mesh name above: FlammeTilEvtSkygge.json).

Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

You are correct that the particles don’t render with your mesh, not sure why. I speculate it might have to do with the rotation of the mesh though it might be something else. Try rotating your model to another axis plane, it might fix this issue.

I’ve added a simple plane I had for billboards, modelled in blender, to your example and it works as expected:

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I second this theory. As the particles are billboarded (probably along the Z axis), they can’t be seen as they are likely to be perfectly flat when billboard along the Z axis.

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Leonidas: I have not gotten to use Blender 2.8 myself yet - do you use this or below?

(have tried exporting in ASCII, FBX export version 6.1 … as well as OBJ and 3ds -> none works)

But still; If I cant use a certain modelled object, I dont think I will gain my real objective of getting the flames to make a shadow on a wall ( … watch from around the 5th minute)

I’ve used Blender 2.80, and I think you have to export to a binary FBX. Not sure the Playcanvas editor supports text based ones.

Regarding shadows from particles, I will check the engine code later but I think particles right now aren’t programmed to render in the shadow maps. So they will not cast shadows.

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All in all thx … will not mark as SOLVED as this might be misguiding - will see if another solution will appear (and or by any luck the engine gets updated in that direction over time)

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