Mesh collider don't collide with each other

Hey hey :slight_smile:

Today I noticed that my mesh colliders are not colliding with each other, and I don’t know why. They are however interacting with other rigidbodies in the scene which use primitive colliders.

I think that my models are not the reason, the normals and faces look right to me. I’m not sure if this issue was introduced just recently or has always been like this.

I found this post (Script that allows mesh colliders to collide with each other) that might be related to this issue? But the meshes I am using are mostly convex and they still don’t interact with each other.

I created a small project to reproduce it, if someone could have a look at it, that would be awesome. Also if someone knows more about why this is not working, please let me know.


In general, mesh to mesh collisions are not supported in the engine unfortunately. Hence why there’s a script by the community trying to use a different type that does support mesh to mesh collisions

:frowning: Too bad. Are there any plans on adding that support in the future? Or is this a limitation of Ammo.js?

I will work around this problem for now by trying to recreate the shapes of the simple meshes with compound collider, and take a closer look at the script at a later time. Thanks for the quick reply.

There are no plans to change this and this is in part a limitation by us as we’ve made a general decision to say all mesh colliders are made with X type Ammo shape as we can’t guarantee if it’s a concave shape or not.

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