Merge of known Playcanvas examples and a Subsurface shader example

Hello, I want to incorperate this into a PlayCanvas example.

I already have an example (laying in projects) that capsulate usable shader-language:

Should I, first of all, continue? … or are the some structural engine issues within PC that prevents it from functioning?
For now my first/big issue in:

  • is making a connection to the ‘gl’ (should be defined in the ‘SubSurfScat’ folder? )

Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

I don’t have experience with something like that to help you out. Not sure if it can work, out of the box, with Playcanvas.

If you are asking about the gl context, that is accessible here:;

ok, well it is not a beginners shader in any case :-/ … it did help with the; though

Too bad if we cannot make it work in here - three.js has several examples, and many of times I get a hunch that this community find inspiration over there :slight_smile: … thx anyway

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